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Pediatric Truncus Arteriosus: Learn More About This Devastating Condition From Fundraising Advocate Ryan Alvey

Pediatric truncus arteriosus, also known as common truncus, is a birth defect and congenital health condition that affects around 300 American families each year. Ryan Michael Alvey, whose own family has been directly affected by this difficult condition, has dedicated himself to serve as a fundraising advocate for the cause for many years.

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“My family and colleagues are dedicated to raising money to fund crucial research around truncus arteriosus,” says Ryan Michael Alvey. He shares, “It’s important for groundbreaking, cutting-edge research to be funded around this little-known, often misunderstood condition. This research will allow this heart condition to be better diagnosed, treated, managed, and prevented.” To that end, Ryan Alvey is one of the top fundraising advocates in the country for this disorder.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, truncus arteriosus is a congenital birth defect in which only one blood vessel comes out of the heart instead of two, leaving the pulmonary artery and the aorta connected and putting stress on the heart. It is usually diagnosed during pregnancy with a fetal echocardiogram and other forms of prenatal screening. If it’s not caught during an ultrasound and in subsequent testing during pregnancy, it’s usually noticed and diagnosed shortly after birth.

“Truncus arteriosus can affect babies and children for years to come,” says Ryan Alvey. “Babies with the heart condition may have difficulty eating and sustaining themselves properly, so they might need to see a specialist to help with adequate nutrition.” Alvey continues, “They might also have to have surgery or take medications to treat and manage the condition.”

Ryan Michael Alvey shares that common truncus is not only stressful on children, but on their families and loved ones as well. “The fundraising projects I work with on this health condition help to raise awareness of what parents can do to take care of themselves as they struggle to manage their child’s truncus arteriosus.”

Ryan Alvey is a startup growth expert and project management aficionado with over 15 years of dedicated work experience. Over the course of Ryan Alvey’s illustrious, diverse career, in which he has worked with burgeoning startups as well as both large and mid-sized corporations, he has closed well over $10 billion in international contracts and grown businesses to over $100 million in annual revenues.

Additionally, Ryan Michael Alvey has managed international teams of over 300 people, specializing in efficiency management, boosting productivity, and troubleshooting complex problems. Over the years, Ryan Michael Alvey has also become well-known in the area of investment advisement and portfolio management.

Most importantly, Ryan Michael Alvey is also a dedicated father. Ryan Alvey and his beloved wife, Jamie Alvey, have been married for 13 years, and they are proud parents to three daughters. Ryan Alvey’s love of children and deep commitment to family, as well as his desire to be involved in his community at the grassroots and local level, is partly what drives him to support fundraising projects that help parents, babies, and children.

3 Top Portfolio Management Tips from Growth Startup Expert Ryan Alvey

Investing and portfolio management are tricky for many aspiring entrepreneurs. There’s a lot of advice out there, and it can be difficult to cut through the noise and get to the real heart of the message. Startup growth and portfolio management expert Ryan Alvey, who has consulted with and mentored countless business leaders and entrepreneurs over his 15 years of experience, offered some no-nonsense, straightforward advice about managing your portfolio and investing effectively.

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“The #1 tip I give everyone who asks me about portfolio management is to start investing as soon as you possibly can, even if you feel like it’s not possible financially,” shares Ryan Alvey. “You might feel like you can’t invest if you’re young, if you’re in school, if you’re currently living paycheck to paycheck, or if your current income isn’t sky-high. But nothing could be further from the truth,” Ryan Alvey explains.

Ryan Alvey continues, “In fact, the time you spend investing is even more important than the amount of money you put in each time. If you start investing at age 25, you will have a serious nest egg available for retirement even if you start out at just $100 or $200 per month,” Ryan Alvey shares. “By contrast, if you wait until you’re 45 or so, you’ll likely have far less by the time you’re ready to retire, even if you start out putting more money into your 401(k) or Roth IRA.”

The second tip Ryan Alvey has for aspiring investors is to start out conservatively. “Don’t jump on the bandwagon of what everyone else seems to be buying,” says Alvey. “A rapidly rising price might make something appear desirable, but a lower price could mean that you end up making more of a profit, even if it’s not the hot stock of the moment.”

Lastly, Ryan Alvey suggests that investors diversify their portfolios in order to maximize their potential profits. “You don’t want to take a gamble on high-risk stocks only,” he explains, “but you also shouldn’t stick to ultra-conservative stocks when you could potentially get a big payoff in others. Diversify your portfolio in an index fund for the greatest possible return.”

Ryan Alvey is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Tietronix, Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas. Over the course of his lengthy and exciting career, he has built businesses up to over $100 million in annual revenues, managed teams of over 300 at any given time, and closed over $10 billion in contracts.

How to Build a Streamlined, Effective Startup, With Advice From Software Development COO Ryan Alvey

How can I grow a startup quickly and effectively?” That’s one of the primary questions that today’s entrepreneurs are asking, but no one seems to have an effective, concise answer. Luckily, that’s Tietronix, Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer Ryan Alvey’s bread and butter. Ryan Alvey has assisted startup entrepreneurs across the U.S. and the globe in identifying and meeting their goals, as well as helping them to implement project management strategies that really work and find the team members that will best serve their mission. He offered his advice on growing a startup with finesse and strategy.

“Building startups starts with a clear-eyed, realistic, and sustainable mission,” says Ryan Alvey. “Whether you’re working alone, with a business partner, or with an already-selected team, you need to know your goals and your timeline for reaching them. If you have pie-in-the-sky, overly lofty ideas of where you’ll be in a year, or if you haven’t firmed up the steps you’ll take to meet your goals, your startup will likely fail.”

Ryan Alvey suggests starting with one or two overarching goals and working backward to meet a series of smaller stepping stone goals along the way. “Your timeline should be straightforward. Set hard, firm deadlines for yourself in terms of the steps you’re taking and the smaller goals you want to reach. Treat them as mandatory, not optional.”

Finally, Ryan Alvey suggests that growth can begin even on a shoestring budget. “Don’t spend too much money before you really connect with your audience or intended customers and see what works,” he saysRyan Alvey continues, “Those first 10 dedicated customers are more important than 100,000 social media followers who don’t really care about what you’re offering. Don’t be afraid to make one on one connections and start small and lean.”

Ryan Alvey is a Texas-based startup growth expert who is known for his skill in building, managing, sustaining, and coordinating teams across time zones and continents. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Tietronix, Inc., near Houston, Texas, where he has developed globally groundbreaking software alongside NASA’s top engineers and implemented key growth strategies and project management systems for even the most complex projects.

Ryan Alvey works with teams of every size, from burgeoning startups to mid-size and sprawling corporations, to help leaders meet their goals and streamline entrepreneurs’ efforts in building and maintaining teams that are in it for the long haul. A communication expert and visionary problem-solver, Alvey meets every business challenge and technical problem with optimism and strength.

Dynamic Executive and Growth Expert Ryan Alvey Offers Insights About Effective Team-Building

Global business leaders agree that you should never underestimate the importance of a solid team when it comes to productivity, creativity, and profit. Even with solid project management skills and technical abilities in place, your startup could still fail if your team communication and leadership aren’t rock-solid. Tietronix Software, Inc., Chief Operating Officer, and international startup growth expert Ryan Michael Alvey offered his insights about how to build and sustain a team that works well together for the long haul.

“First and foremost, a great team starts with a great recruiting process,” says Ryan Alvey, whose expert management skills and visionary leadership have sustained large teams across years of collaboration and five continents. “If your recruiting and hiring processes are weak, then your team will be as well. Start by sitting down with your current team, even if it’s just your business partner, and going over best practices when it comes to hiring diverse applicants.”

The interview process should reflect what you want your team to look like and how you want to work together ideally, shares Ryan Alvey. “In your interview process, focus on more than just what an applicant can offer you in terms of skills,” suggests Ryan Alvey. “Get to know the whole person. Soft skills are more important than ever in today’s workplace, and the best person on paper or on a technical test might actually not be the best person to communicate with your clients, interface with potential customers, or coordinate complex projects.”

Once you have new hires in place, Ryan Michael Alvey suggests that you make the team-building process a built-in, mandatory part of your everyday working life. “Team-building never stops,” says Ryan Alvey. “It’s an ongoing process, not a single day of exercises or trust falls. Set up small groups where people can engage in brainstorming across teams and talk openly about things that are bothering them. Hold one-on-one meetings regularly so you can address any problems as early as possible.” He adds that employees should have anonymous ways to get in touch with supervisors to voice their concerns.

Ryan Michael Alvey is the current Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Tietronix Software, Inc. and has worked with startups, as well as mid- and high-level corporations, for over 15 years. Over the course of his exciting career thus far, he has built international teams across five continents, developed groundbreaking software along NASA engineers in Houston, Texas, and advised countless burgeoning businesses on crafting and supporting teams that last.

Tietronix Software, Inc., Chief Operating Office Ryan Alvey Shares Insights About Groundbreaking Software Creation With NASA’s Backing

Tietronix Software, Inc., has built a solid reputation across the country and internationally as a leader in dynamic software development. In particular, Tietronix serves both government and private clients and offers mission-critical systems for NASA at its highest levels. We spoke to Ryan Michael Alvey, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Tietronix, who shared insights on the company’s goals going forward and their partnership with NASA in putting forward-facing technology first.

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“NASA’s mission-critical systems are highly complex,” says Ryan Michael Alvey. “At Tietronix, one of the ways we’ve consistently maintained such a high repeat customer rate is through simplicity and expert UX design. With the end user in mind, we are able to design and develop software so that it’s deeply intuitive, even in high-risk, high-reward scenarios and technically complex industries like space missions.” Now, as NASA partners with and backs the company’s development of a groundbreaking series of software programs that will aid astronauts in their most critical flight moments, Ryan Alvey hopes to continue and improve upon this user-focused approach.

In addition, Ryan Alvey attributes Tietronix Software’s immense success in attracting support from high-level customers like NASA in part to his commitment to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. “With employees from diverse racial, national, educational, and experiential backgrounds, we are able to tackle even the most complex of problems effectively,” he explains. “The diversity of perspectives allows us to see each challenge in a holistic way and approach it from every possible angle. We believe that our commitment to diversity has attracted customer bases like NASA, which is a similarly positioned client.”

According to Ryan Michael Alvey, his process-centric management system also allows the company’s partnership with NASA to move forward smoothly. “Our multilayered project management system is designed for the ultimate efficiency,” says Alvey. “We’ve built many of those same methodologies into our ongoing software development initiative alongside NASA.”

Ryan Michael Alvey currently serves as the COO of Tietronix, Software, Inc., with headquarters in Houston, near the NASA Johnson Space Center. His own career has focused Alvey is an international startup and growth expert, having built and managed successful multinational teams across five continents for the past 15 years. Ryan Alvey’s particular focus is on “hardship” areas of industry and in creatively crafting expert approaches to problem-solving to meet even the most difficult technical and business challenges.

Tips on Building Multinational Teams, with Insight from Senior Executive Ryan Alvey

Managing a staff of any size is difficult enough, but working across cultures and continents poses numerous additional challenges. Executives may struggle to retain diverse teams and manage the complexity of communication across time zones, language barriers, and the challenges of remote work.

Ryan Michael Alvey, Chief Operating Officer of Tietronix Software, Inc. in The Woodlands, Texas, shared his expert insights on building, recruiting, retaining, training and managing multinational teams. Ryan Alvey himself has managed multinational teams across five continents and has held numerous roles in which he directly managed 300 staff members at a time, so he was well-positioned to offer advice for aspiring and existing business leaders who are hoping to work with international teams.

According to Ryan Michael Alvey, the biggest hurdle to cross when it comes to multinational teams is recruitment. “Anytime you’re trying to hire people from different backgrounds and wildly different geographic locations, you need to hire human resources experts who understand how best to reach out to people who speak different languages or have different ways of working,” he shares. “Your team-building process will only be as solid as your recruitment process. This is especially true in terms of cross-continent workplaces. Ensure that you have translators or multilingual employees on hand from the very start.”

Ryan Alvey also suggests that executives become well-versed in cultural competency and make sure that their employees get on the same page in terms of any cultural differences from the beginning to prevent problems down the line. “Study how your different team members may approach work, communication, or conflict differently based on their individual differences as well as their cultural differences,” suggests Alvey. “You can head off potential problems at the pass if you already know that, say, a Japanese employee is likely to approach a certain conversation differently than a German employee might. This can cause conflict and miscommunication even if it’s not intended by either party. Make sure not to fall prey to stereotypes, but listen to experts from a given country and consider hiring a multinational expert to smooth over any issues.”

Finally, Ryan Alvey encourages executives who are building multinational teams to read up on supporting remote workers. “Remote work is the way of the future,” he explains, “and it’s an inherent part of building and supporting multinational teams. Make sure that you use premium software programs and content management systems to allow your team members to chat and connect regularly, even in different time zones.”

Ryan Michael Alvey is a dynamic, visionary executive with over 15 years of experience in leading businesses to immense success. Across his career, he has worked with lean startups, multinational corporations, and mid-cap companies to grow their stakeholders’ profits while achieving $100 million in annual revenue. An expert in efficiency management and growth, Ryan Alvey is a seasoned mentor and business leader who has closed over $10 billion in contracts during his lengthy and illustrious career.